About Us

We invite you to redefine your relationship with loss through guided personalized ceremony. 

Our Mission

We understand that our ability to embrace the full range of our emotions is what gives depth and meaning to our lives. No matter what your story is you will be confronted with the loss of loved ones closest to your heart and inevitably, your loved ones will be left to mourn your loss. We meet you in these vulnerable times to guide you through essential conversations with yourself and your family.

We believe in celebrating the fullness of who we are in this physical realm. 


We recognize the power of ceremony for both its ability to create and hold a safe space for your emotions and assist in the process of self-healing. We encourage the support of community who bear witness to your process as well as take part in their own.

We believe in the courage of the human spirit and the depth that love can weave together in times of grief. We believe that honoring our loved ones in this world and into the next is our responsibility. We walk alongside you.

Death is not easy to talk about. Grief is not comfortable to feel.

Our Philosophy

Spirit Vessel was conceived in 2018 when Jessica was working in her ceramic studio in Oregon. Recognizing how her connection with grief became a great catalyst in her own life she was inspired to create a healing and empowering impact on others lives during some of our most challenging times. After sharing this vision with her sister, Amanda, the company was formed.

We live more full and conscious lives by having the ability to address the most important aspect of our life - our death.

Spirit Vessel was created in 2019 by the sister team of Founder and CEO, Jessica Wertz and Co-Founder, Amanda Wertz McClellan. 

Our Story

Through restoring the use of intimate ceremony around death, Spirit Vessel creates a guideline for meaningful connection through interaction.
Spirit Vessel carries the understanding that by acknowledging what hurts we can then allow it to heal. When we can grieve, we honor who and what we love. 

The Spirit Vessel studio is located in southwest New Mexico, nestled in the hills of the Gila National Forest. Each urn is handmade and mindfully crafted with love. 

As an artist, adventurer and visionary I have spent more than a decade as a self-employed ceramic artist living in seven different states. After establishing my career in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to the deep woods of Oregon to build a studio where I spent years living in the wilderness. During this time I had deeper conversation and insight around living consciously and creating from that space. 
My work in ceramics has always been a journey into finding the meaningful connections in our lives and what nourishes us. My work transitioned with my intention to create a space that allows us to feel the complexities of our lives, find ease in the discomfort of grief, and reconnect to ourselves with a deep acceptance. I feel a deep sense of curiosity for the journey of the soul and how we weave our love in this world and into the next.

As a passion driven business woman and proud working mom, my desire to create positive impact has always been my north star. Over the last ten years my professional life has ranged from sales and marketing in technology to health and wellness companies. Each role has enabled me to develop rewarding skills, offered new challenges and opportunities to grow- which I gladly jump into.

As proud as I am of my professional career, nothing compares to the joy of raising my two daughters alongside my husband. Our youngest was born with a very rare and life-threatening genetic breathing syndrome which alters how our family lives. As a result of my daughter’s diagnosis and care, we are frequently confronted with the line between life and death.
Living so close to the possibility of loss has given me a profound perspective into what truly matters in life and creating meaningful relationships.

Amanda Wertz McClellan

Jessica Wertz

CEO and Founder


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