Helping you design ceremonies to honor love and grief


When we join together with reverence for our shared grief, we celebrate our loved one, our ancestors, and the great circle of life. Through ceremony and ritual we reclaim the rich, ancient knowledge of what it means to be alive, to participate in our community, and to meaningfully experience death. Ceremonies honor the paradox of our experience with transition, because a ceremony provides a sacred space to hold all that we feel in our hearts. 

Spirit Vessel recognizes there are many ways we can respond to loss. While in mourning we may feel out of the ordinary as our feelings span the gamut of sadness, fear, numbness, anger, confusion, peace, gratitude and more. Our ceremonies give permission for everyone to show up present, courageous, and vulnerable while recognizing the gravity of loss and acknowledging our ongoing journey. No matter what your beliefs are around death, we offer guidance to help you stay connected to your emotions. 

Ceremonies allow us to honor our loved ones through the celebration of their life and to recognize our grief together within a sacred space. 

The Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Guide helps you create your personalized ceremony and offers direction regarding where to hold it, how to set up a space, the time to set aside, whom to gather and what mood you might facilitate. Additionally, we suggest multiple exercises, meditations, visualizations and poems you may enact to honor your loved one. Ceremonies can be performed indoors, outdoors, on your own, with family or even alongside an entire community. Our offerings assist you in designing your own ceremonies in which you can feel present and grieve in good company. 

Holding ceremony is a way of giving time, care and attention to those who have passed. In so doing we give ourselves the opportunity to attend our personal experience and to further the legacy of the decedent. Our booklet includes an anthology of ceremonial information and from these materials you can tailor your ceremony to suit your needs.  

We guide you in creating a sacred, intimate space to process the loss of your loved one. 

In all cases, may your Spirit Vessel ceremony transmute your heartache into healing.