Grief With Grace Podcast Episode 109

Grief With Grace Podcast Episode 109

Creating Rituals And Ceremonies For Grief

Grief With Grace Podcast

Recently we had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Grief With Grace Podcast. This is a podcast that shares insights, tools, and techniques to assist you on your grief journey. Host Lori, and her guests help you journey into all the dark places of grief, shining a light on them so you can integrate them rather than avoid them. The Grief With Grace podcast will inspire you to find moments of joy in the everyday so you can continue to live your life after the unimaginable has happened, and in doing so, honor your precious child’s life and legacy.

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Podcast Description:

So many women are turning to ceremonies and rituals in ways we haven’t for centuries. This week’s guest and her sister have created a beautiful company to support anyone looking for a unique way to honor a loved one in Spirit, whether the loss is recent or long past.

Jessica Wertz, and her sister Amanda Wertz McClellan founded Spirit Vessel. Jess and I had a magical conversation and covered so many things about the beauty they’ve brought to a topic people frequently ignore, until they’re faced with the most difficult of life’s decisions. In this episode, Jess and I talk about:

The importance of creating personalized rituals and ceremonies that honor the emotions of grief, why we need rites of passage in the course of our lives, how ritual and ceremony allow us to come back and hold space for our grief and emotions, and how preplanning allows us to be more present with our grief and with others in times of loss, and so much more.

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Learn more about Spirit Vessel ceremonies here.

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