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If you are a colleague of ours in the emotional health and wellness or death care industry and want to offer more to your clients, consider becoming a Spirit Vessel affiliate.

We help you easily provide your client with a mindful and customizable ceremony experience.  Our flagship product is the Spirit Vessel Ceremony Package which includes a handcrafted ceramic ceremony piece, our Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Guide that walks your client through every step of creating and holding a personalized ceremony, and additional informational pamphlets and ceremonial pieces. 

How Our Personalized Celebration of Life Ceremonies Work:

  1. Clients purchase their Ceremony Package which includes the ceramic ceremony piece and desired ceremony - Pre-Planning, Living Memorial, or Memorial Service. 
  2. Client uses the Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Guide and additional informational pamphlets to plan and design their detailed, personalized ceremony. This includes but is not limited to choosing a master of ceremony, setting up a space, attendees, and choosing from our interactive Passages and accompanying Prompts that honor the life passed while supporting the emotional healing of the group.
  3. Spirit Vessel’s Ceremonies are completely customizable. Ceremonies can consist of a few or many attendees. They can be held in person or remotely via webcasting services. They can also be scheduled for a future time that is most convenient for attendees. 
  4. As an affiliate your role is to introduce and share the product, resulting in a sale. You are not required to participate directly in the ceremony in any way, unless otherwise agreed upon between you and the client under your own terms and conditions.
  • The Spirit Vessel Affiliate Partner Program offers a great opportunity to earn commissions for helping us spread the word about this unique approach to processing death. 

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We work very closely with each of our affiliate partners and seek to create a mutually beneficial partnership.