Who's Behind This?

Hi, I’m Jessica Wertz, the founder of Spirit Vessel. With over twelve years of experience as a professional ceramic artist and certified death doula, I help individuals and families navigate the emotional and spiritual transformation of loss.

Throughout my professional ceramics career I’ve been commissioned to make urns for clients' beloved humans and pets. These conversations were some of the most heartfelt connections I’ve shared. My aim in creating both the Vessels and Parting Ceremonies is to help you navigate difficult transitions around loss with proper care, support and attention.

About Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel acknowledges our universal experience of grief and accompanying emotions around loss. From this heartfelt place I developed the Parting Ceremony, which can be enacted at any stage of loss.

Spirit Vessel gives you agency to create a space for yourself and your supportive community that feels appropriate to your grief journey, days to decades after the event. We help families and individuals to come together during some of the most challenging times in our lives to create deeper connections and feel supported, instead of feeling isolated.

My Intention

My aim is to help bring conversation, levity and beauty back into the death and dying process while supporting the emotional and spiritual journeys of those left to live on.