Today, many people are choosing to pre-plan their own memorial ceremonies to alleviate the unknowns and enable your loved ones to be certain that you are cared for in the way you wish.

Pre-planning your ceremony invites you to have the difficult conversations regarding your last wishes and helps alleviate the stress accompanied with loss for your loved ones. You will be comforted in knowing you have done all you can to ease the burden on your family by making sure your affairs are in order before passing.

By becoming more intimate with your choices and desires around your death, you may find more clarity and purpose around the legacy you wish to leave in the world. With this new relationship we gain the ability to acknowledge loss, discover our capacity to respond, protect our loved ones and restore our sacred connection to death. These powerful realizations call us to action in understanding our own living timelines and how we wish to leave our mark in the world. Spirit Vessel offers the comfort of guidance along the way.

What are the benefits of pre-planning your ceremony?

  • Pre-planning gives you the ability to create a completely unique, personalized experience for your loved ones to honor, grieve, and celebrate your life.

  • Taking the initiative to design your ceremony gives friends and family comfort in knowing they have carried out your last wishes and relieves them of having to organize your memorial while they grieve your loss.

  • By prepaying for your memorial ceremony, you relieve your family of the financial burdens related to often unanticipated stressful moments after your death. In the emotional aftermath of your loss, your family may associate the finances spent on a funeral or memorial with the reflection of their love, and as a result make poor financial decisions. Having your wishes clearly stated and pre-paid for eliminates this situation.

  • Planning your end of life wishes asks you to consider the legacy you wish to be remembered for. With that in mind, you can begin living each day in alignment with the contribution you wish to leave behind.

  • In addition to pre-planning your ceremony, there are other affairs to be taken into consideration. The pre-planning process helps you coordinate matters of your estate and finances such as creating a will, appointing a power of attorney, creating a healthcare proxy, and meeting with professionals to discuss financial planning and insurance options.

  • Spirit Vessel provides you the support and tools for at home, intimate, personalized ceremonies, in which you can participate by yourself or with others. The ceremonial guide will walk you through the process of designing your memorial ceremony from beginning to end. 

    Spirit Vessel’s ceremonies honor all beliefs, all walks of life, and aim to restore our sacred connection to death.

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