Spirit Vessel’s Memorial Service Ceremony is designed to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased while helping ease the way for those who live on.

While most traditional funeral ceremonies focus attention on the death of a loved one, our attention is equally focused on those left grieving. Whether your loss was recent or some time has passed, we are here to support you through these challenging times. We will help you design a ceremony that allows you to be present with one another to say last words, share heartfelt stories, and remember beautiful moments.

Traditionally a funeral is held within several days of one’s passing, but since this is not a typical funeral ceremony it can be designed and organized on any desired timeline. We encourage you to take the time needed to integrate the loss of your loved one before feeling rushed into creating a ceremony. This gives you time to address how you feel, and to begin to accept the many facets of your loved one’s death before planning a ceremony.

Spirit Vessel helps you create a space to rest, feel held, and to be witnessed in your grief while also receiving support from your family and community.

What are the benefits of a memorial service ceremony?

  • Family and community are able to gather in an intimate, comfortable, and safe setting to celebrate the life of the deceased while grieving together.

  • Ceremony provides the structure and format to create a safe space and in doing so offers a powerful alchemy to work with grief. The ceremony is designed to honor the grieved and the grieving.

  • The ceremony can be personalized to the unique nature of the deceased or to the preference of those planning the ceremony.

  • Participation in the ceremony fosters deep connections and a spirit of community among the participants. Being together allows for members to be witnessed and supported in their grief.

  • Ceremony allows you to be mindfully present with one another while adjusting to the harsh reality of death and allowing for final expressions of love and grief.

  • Spirit Vessel provides you the support and tools for at home, intimate, personalized ceremonies, in which you can participate by yourself or with others. The ceremonial guide will walk you through the process of designing your memorial ceremony from beginning to end. 

    Spirit Vessel’s ceremonies honor all beliefs, all walks of life, and aim to restore our sacred connection to death.

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